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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Tattoo Of The Lips That's

the tattoo of the lips that's
the tattoo of the lips that's

Wing Tattoo

Wing tattoo designs are most popular tattoo designs in the world. The best part of wing tattoo designs is their versatility, that they can be combined with any tattoo designs.
You may even add wing tattoo designs to an existing tattoo designs that you might have etched on our body. There are many styles in which wing tattoo designs can be etched on your body.
Let us see the best of wing tattoo designs along with the different wing tattoo meanings.

Wing tattoo designs are very popular in women and look gorgeous when these wing tattoos are etched on a woman’s back.
Wing tattoo designs on a woman’s back is a symbol for her true love affair with freedom. Wing tattoos also symbolize the spiritual connection of human with divine when they are combined with an angel tattoo.
Being symbols of love, peace and freedom, wing tattoo designs are one of the most recommended tattoo designs for women. So let me give you few ideas on wing tattoo designs for women.

Dove Tattoo

There are a number of birds which are chosen to make a tattoo. However, one of the most beautiful and meaningful Tattoo Designs are the dove Tattoo Designs.

They are beautiful winged creatures, which have numerous symbolic meanings, including religious beliefs, everlasting love, etc. attached to them.
Almost every culture has a different meaning attached to the dove tattoos, although the universal meaning of peace and love remains. If you are the peaceloving kind, then peace dove Tattoo Designs are the most appropriate tattoo design for you.
There are many interpretations of a dove tattoo. For some a dove can signify peace, freedom, happiness and also love. Some people perceive a dove to denote aspects of after-life.
There are others to whom a dove can mean purity of soul, while on the other hand a soaring dove depicts the journey in the spirit world.
It is also seen as a symbol of a soul freed from its physical form and is soaring onto its everlasting destiny.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Upper Lip And Registered

upper lip and registered
upper lip and registered

Snowflake Tattoos

Snowflake tattoos are very beautifully made and can look the best in any shapes and sizes. Scientifically, there are many designs of snowflakes and every snowflake is unique in it’s own way. Thus snowflake tattoo meanings are that they stand for uniqueness and differentiation.
The reason why no two snowflakes are the same, is because the conditions in which they are formed are so unique and variant that every second they fall gives them a different shape. This is mostly why people get these snowflake tattoos  done, because they symbolize uniqueness in the sense that no two individuals in the world can be the same.

Many a times, this also relates to the fact that when you see a snowflake in the first glance it looks very similar to the others, but when you look closely there are differences.
The same way you can’t generalize people as everyone has their own unique qualities which define their differentiation from others. Take a look at the following ideas for snowflake tattoos to see if you like any.
Snowflakes are very pretty as they are a compilation of 2 to 200 ice crystals arranged in amazing structures. Each one is unique and has it’s own design, so if you want a tattoo design you are really going to have to look for it. Snowflake tattoos are very creatively done by the tattooers since there are so many minutes details which are involved in the drawing. Many people like to get these Tattoo Designs as they are the simplest ones and can be inked on any part of the body. Especially for beginners, snowflake tattoos would definitely make the best design!

Bicep Tattoo ideas

Tattooing is an art of imprinting permanent designs on the body. This body art was basically invented for non-verbal communication and personal identification. But these days, tattoos have become a style mantra and are popular all over the world. These tattoos are very flexible and versatile, both with respect to design and placement.
Tattooing is a painful procedure and the intensity of the pain depends on the body part where the tattoo is carved. The bicep is one such body part that causes less pain while tattooing.
Thus bicep tattoos are considered as some of the best tattoos for someone who is getting a tattoo for first time. So, if you are going to get your first tattoo, then here are some outer and inner bicep tattoos ideas.

Heart tattoos are the best bicep tattoos for women and men. Heart tattoos are very versatile as they can be used for expressing various human emotions like love, friendship and betrayal. These tattoos can be paired with other tattoo designs like wing tattoos, name tattoos and banner tattoos.
A sacred heart tattoo, broken heart tattoo, tribal heart tattoo and Celtic heart tattoo are some of the popular heart tattoo designs. These tattoos fit perfectly on the biceps and hence, are ideal bicep tattoo ideas.

Tattoos Geckos or Iguanas

Lizard Tattoos are popular tattoo designs both for men and women. They can be inked small and large as well, and in many styles, like realistic, cartoonish, simplistic, tribal and so on. Lizards have been highly popular especially in Hawaiian and Polynesian traditions, and as we know these are cultures that associate deep meaning and symbolism to natural creatures and elements - the lizard is not an exception either.
As for lizard tattoos, there are usually two main types that people choose:
Gecko Lizard Tattoos: Geckos can commonly be found in tropical regions of the world. They are completely harmless, and have broad and long bodies. What is special about them is that they can change their natural colors to disguise themselves from predators. They have very good hearing unlike other lizard animals. But what is most important, they look awesome in tattoo form. Some choose a design that covers the full chest or back, or just a small simple design to the legs.
Iguana Lizard Tattoos:Iguanas come mainly from South Africa and Central America. They can grow as large as 5 to 7 feet and have impressive defensive mechanisms. They naturally have bright colors, so you should use intense colors to make it look good as a tattoo.
There are many associations of lizards amongst people. For Example, Native Americans associate them with dreams, thus lizard tattoo wearers are considered dreamers or individuals who can interpret dreams. As for the Romans, lizards symbolized rebirth and resurrection. Another interpretation of them are divine wisdom and fortune, especially for the Greeks and Egyptians.
The popularity of these tattoos is rising nowadays thanks to celebrities also.
Specifically talking about gecko or iguana tattoos, we can say that they come in bigger and smaller designs, too. The interesting thing is that many women choose a bigger design, say on the sides, and not only small lizards (like the simplistic tribal one).
The tattoos look best with bright colors and in a simple way in my opinion. They can be decorated though with flames, flowers, a yin yang symbol, and so on.